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About DK Headshots

Dennis graduated from Brown University in 2004 majoring in Psychology and Economics.

He has always had a camera attached to his side and has been taking pictures for decades.

The thing he loves most about photographing people is the immense gratification he gets from being able to capture the essence of a person (or the character that person is trying to portray). You'll hear the same thing from makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists...there's nothing like being able to to make someone feel beautiful.

Dennis originally began specializing in headshot photography for actors, musicians, and models, but corporate headshots and wedding photography are now also a large part of Dennis's business as well. Dennis maintains residences in both New York City and Los Angeles, which allows him to see clients in the two greatest cities in America. He has a love for both NYC and Los Angeles, which is evident when he works in either city as he has many favorite spots to shoot in both places.

Prior to his career as a photographer, Dennis helped produce music videos and concert DVDs for artists such as Fiona Apple, Keith Urban, Kanye West, John Legend, and Sting.

Currently he collaborates with LA's premier headshot photographer Bjoern Kommerell, a great mentor and friend. (

Dennis feels truly blessed that his job takes him all over the world to meet all kinds of wonderful people.

He is 6'7 and does not play basketball.