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NYC Headshots

NYC Headshots

NYC and the World of Entertainment

NYC hosts hundreds of artistic events daily, ranging from concerts at Carnegie Hall, dance performances from the world famous American Ballet Company, to of course the unrivaled Broadway, where musicals and plays are born and showcased. NYC is considered one of the entertainment capitals in the world because of its inhabitants. Many New Yorkers are dancers, actors, and models. And because New York houses all of these talents, headshots play an integral role in the lives of these citizens so they can pursue the jobs they want.

What Makes NYC Great for Headshots

New York City has some of the world’s most renowned architecture and parks because of its role in the world of fashion and entertainment. These buildings house performances, runways shows, and act as sets for film and television. The styles vary from buildings like New York’s Empire State Building to the beautiful Trinity Church. There is also the busy Grand Central Station and the tranquil Central Park. These, among hundreds of other locations, are the perfect backdrops to any headshot. You can even have corporate headshots taken in places like Wall Street. For a more serene feel you can explore the hundreds of acres of grass, trees, and streams that Central Park is famous for. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy NYC routine, you can always find a fascinating building with hundreds of years of history. It is these buildings and backdrops that help to embody a character, a mood or an attitude that make for successful headshots.

Headshots in New York

While there is a lot to see and do in New York City, it is hard to know what location is right for your headshot. One has to think about how subtle details like color temperature and backdrop will complement the character one is trying to convey. You can try to do it on your own, but the easier and better way is to find a professional New York photographer. Local headshot photographers not only have their own studios, but they also know the city by heart. Dennis Kwan knows New York like the back of his hand, which is important for the models, actors, and corporations that hire him for headshots. His extensive experience taking headshots in NYC allows each client a personalized mood and experience based on the overall look and character they are trying to embody.

Locations in NYC for Headshots

There is a lot that a location can say in a headshot about an actor or model. This mood directly affects the roles you can get, and is therefore vital to get right. Living and working in New York City allows Dennis Kwan to spot the perfect locations for your corporate headshots, your fashion and modeling headshots, and your acting headshots. His specific knowledge of NYC ensures that your headshots get you the job you want by using the right locations to convey your message. While they are not always featured prominently, the faded or blurred out details of a background or scene, help to complete and complement certain looks to create an overall more-striking photograph that really stands out when sitting in a pile on a casting person’s desk. If you want to get the leg up on your competition in NYC, call (401) 837-0981 or email for more information.