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New York Headshots

New York Headshots

New York

New York City, “the city that never sleeps”, is the most densely populated city in the United States. Many businesses are open at all hours because the people of NYC have such unique energy and schedules and are always on the go. This also applies to the electronic billboards and flashing lights that highlight different venues. Throughout the day, there is constant color from stoplights and the electronic glow of massive billboards as they advertise the plays and products that NYC has to offer. Because the buildings in New York are so tall, there are always shadows forming new shapes and dimensions around the city. At night, it becomes even more exotic. Taxis have their signs lit, and the stop and go traffic is full of brake lights and headlights. The many billboards’ neon colors change the complexions of the people walking by, making them green, blue, purple, red and orange. The lights of NYC, both during the day and the night, cannot be found anywhere else in the USA.

The Lights of New York

Part of what makes New York City so unique is the lighting. During the day, NYC has some of the most perfect natural lighting for headshots, with buildings, bridges, alleys, and entire neighborhoods that provide a vast variety of backdrops for a skilled photographer. At night the atmosphere changes greatly, and neon and fluorescent lights color the atmosphere. This lighting also makes photography in New York challenging. In the day time, photographers have to take note of the sun’s position at exact times because just minutes later, the lighting of a location could be completely different. At night, photographers in New York have to have the right skills in manipulating natural light so they don’t get yellowed or blurred headshots because of the multitude of lights in use.

How to Use New York Lighting

Though using the lights of New York can be difficult, the variety of it is great for photography, especially headshot photography. Though a majority of NYC headshot photographers use studio light in their photos for ease and consistency of lighting. Headshot photographers that can master the use of natural light are able to create more strikingly unique photographs for their subjects. NYC photographers can also occasionally use flashes to add detail and highlights to their subject’s features and really make their headshots pop. Photographers in NYC that have a knowledge of how to optimize headshot lighting can guarantee that none of the important details are lost in your headshot. Nighttime headshots in New York City are very distinct, as well as difficult. Headshots done in New York at night can be incredibly eye catching because of the array of colors and backgrounds that can be used to subtly complement the subject. Though headshots are not rocket science, and really anyone can take a mediocre headshot with a standard digital camera. A top quality actor’s headshot requires a lot of specialized and technical skill on the part of a photographer, which means it is best to go to a well-known professional.

Using the Lights of New York to Your Advantage

Headshot photographers in New York are adept at working with lighting. Every photographer has to have some knowledge, but because of the different lighting situations in NYC, New York photographers are among the best. Because they are professionals, they have the skills and equipment that optimally highlight their subjects, while maintaining the beauty and unique quality of New York’s light. For one of the best New York City headshot photographers, contact Dennis Kwan at (401)837-0981 or his email