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Corporate Headshots New York

Corporate Headshots New York

New York City and Business

New York City is driven by professionals of all kinds. While New York is vastly different from many other business centers, many people still see the process of finding a job to be very cut and dry. In NYC it’s impossible for things to be so simple. There are millions of people vying for the same jobs in New York City, and many people have the same degrees, and may have gone to the same college, making it difficult for employers to choose the best candidate. One of the best ways to grab a potential employer’s attention is to show them something they have never seen before and something that will show your character. A way of grabbing your NYC employer’s eye is by using a corporate headshot.

NYC Headshot and Professional Businesses

New York is renowned for its entertainment industry, and many of the actors have to apply to jobs with headshots. It’s great to use this same model for the New York City business person because in reality, when you are in an interview with your future boss, it is not about presenting your credentials, but selling yourself to fit their needs. Sending in a corporate headshot with your resume to NYC businesses is a great way to ensure a meeting. You can always submit a resume, but don’t always hear back regarding an interview. In the fast paced world of New York, where thousands of emails being sent and read all day, your corporate headshot changes the game. Your potential employer isn’t just skimming your resume; they are taking their time, looking at your headshot and thinking about your credentials and smile. There is no better way to grab someone’s attention than by changing their daily routine, changing the way they see you compared to other New Yorkers.

Using Headshots for your Company

If you are already part of a company in New York, you can still utilize corporate headshots to help your business grow. Corporate headshots are great for New York City bankers, agents and realtors. Any NYC business that requires long term relationships between the client and the company should utilize headshots to get more customers. People can hear an ad on the radio, communicate to your company through email and talk to you over the phone, but if they cannot see you, the chances are slim that your client will trust you or even want to go into business with you.

Finding a New York Photographer for Corporate Headshots

To find your NYC corporate photographer, you can begin by looking at simple headshot photographers. However, if you want the best, look for New York City photographers that do both. They will know how to talk to you and have suggestions about poses and expressions that would be good for your personal interests, and they will also know how to make your corporate headshot aesthetic pleasing. Call Dennis Kwan at (401)837-0981 or email for information